Join us on April 30th for the 13th Annual International Integrative Oncology Conference in Reno, NV.

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April 30 To May 2, 2015
Silver Legacy Resort, Reno, Nevada USA

BAFC Featured Clinic


At the Century Wellness Clinic, oncologist Dr. James Forsythe introduces options, hope, healing and recovery in treating cancer. He integrates conventional, and complementary treatments. Dr. Forsythe uses fractionated low-dose chemotherapy with Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) along with non-toxic natural and homeopathic remedies. Also in his armamentarium, he includes vitamins, minerals, herbal and immune stimulating treatments.

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The Best Answer for Cancer Foundation

“supporting integrative oncology”

What is the definition of integrative oncology? A systemic, patient centered, healing oriented, whole-being, and functional approach to the individualistic causes and treatment of cancer using all appropriate therapies.
Best Answer for Cancer Foundation (BAFC) is at the forefront of an emerging health care paradigm, the patient-centered approach. Where the patient is in the center of the process of surviving cancer today and creating a stronger, healthier person for the future. We use a tool called The Whole-Being Healing Platform that focuses on the uniqueness of each patient with the aim to enhance the patient’s overall quality of health, strengthen, repair, and nourish the patient while treating cancer.

OUR MISSION: To provide prevention education, awareness, options and support to patients and physicians dealing with cancer.

OUR VISION: Empowering patients to be involved in determining their personal “best answer for cancer” and promoting physician/patient awareness of kinder, gentler, yet profoundly effective, cancer treatment options that results in you “thriving while surviving” during treatment and recovery.

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